Morpheus is an all-inclusive Software package

It’s a simple distribution that can be installed either on customer premises or in the public cloud.

The Basics

Morpheus is an all-inclusive Software package that is licensed on an annual basis for the number of concurrent workload elements (WE) at a given support level. Ex: If a license is for 1000 WE you can provision and destroy as many WEs as needed as long as the total under management at any moment does not exceed 1000.

Morpheus is not a hosted SaaS offering. It’s a simple distribution that can be installed either on customer premises or in the public cloud. The ability to ‘deploy where you want it’ makes it much more appealing to large organizations with rigorous security requirements.


Morpheus is ideal for enterprises or service providers with over 500 workloads. Our tiered pricing model ranges from 500 to 20,000 workload elements with discounts based on volume scale points and term. Please email for more information or to be put in touch with a partner for detailed pricing against your requirements.

What is a Workload Element (WE)?

The granular unit of compute directly associated with an application service including both Discovered and Managed instances as many features add value for both. The ability to inventory brownfield instances is configurable when clouds are added to Morpheus.

Workload Elements may constitute a bare metal server, a virtual machine, or a container deployment not running as a hypervisor or docker host. Morpheus does NOT consider storage, load balancers, and other such supporting infrastructure as a workload.


The easiest proxy for calculating the number of WE needed in an environment is to think about the total number of VMs on all hypervisors and clouds. However there is some nuance:

  • Bare Metal servers count as WE if provisioned and running one or more application services, not when used as a hypervisor or docker host
  • The physical server running vSphere does not count, only the actual VMs running on the hypervisor. VMware vSphere cloud is added and we discover 1000 VM’s which equates to 1000 WE.
  • In K8s, a Deployment or Stateful-Set equates to a WE, this could be a ‘one container per pod’ deployment or multiple containers co-located as a single cohesive unit of service.
  • For instances and blueprints provisioned entirely by Morpheus, the provisioned service counts as a WE. Example a 3-node MySQL behind a load balancer would be counted as a single WE.
  • For workloads provisioned by third party blueprint tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation, etc each underlying VM or Compute instance would be considered a WE.

Example Workload Element Abstractions Are Represented In Blue Boxes